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Privately Held Investment Bonds and LTNís


Super Angel Fund specializes in identifying solid and secure investments, by looking at other financial service sectors, such as insurance, commercial banking, investment banking or mutual funds. For each there is a brand name that most people can identify with. There is no identifiable brand name for the Historical Bond investment market.


We have access to some of the largest buyers in the WORLD ready willing and able to buy as many of these Gold-Backed (" Orange 1899, Mexican Pink Lady, Blueberry, Presidents or Chinese Petchili Bonds as well as the 1913 Reorg 20s & £100s bonds") as you can sell. We also buy LTNís on Euroclear, EC, if the seller of the LTNís will issue a Sell Ticket for Brussels Euroclear, we can close the same day. Our buyer can also close during the night in Hong Kong as long as the seller custodial banker can verify.https://www.euroclear.com/

Some of the following items are needed to proceed:

1. Seller or seller's mandate to provide bond owner's name and a copy of the front and back of bond and serial numbers of all bonds available for sale with a KYC or complete compliance package.

2. Buyer's mandate will validate the bond serial numbers without altering its integrity.

3. If the bond(s) checks out, a contract may be issued once reviewed.

4. Upon seller's acceptance of the terms, the parties will mutually select a location for the bond lot to be viewed and authenticated.

4. Payment can be issued by wire transfer to the seller within a short time after authentication is completed if buyer accepts.

5. When payment has been received in seller's account, seller will sign a release of the bonds to transfer ownership to the buyer.

6. This whole process can be completed as fast as the seller is willing to cooperate.


This process is very similar for other Mexican Bonds, Brazilian Bonds, LTNís and German Bonds. Principals or direct representatives only please.

We Represent Buyers and Seller With Historical Bonds

Historical Bonds

We buy LTN's on Euroclear overnight.


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